As anyone who’s ever spent time in a shampoo aisle knows, choosing the perfect formula can be an overwhelming decision. Get it wrong and you’re asking for trouble. That’s why a new hair care line, called ProfilePRO, is stepping in to make your shopping experience less stressful-and a lot more personal.


Overall, this is pretty poppin. I am into this idea; I haven’t seen anything similar, and originality in hair care is rare these days. The ingredients must be high-quality because my hair looked and felt really good, and I actually didn’t need to wash my hair for five days after using it-the oily scalp was pretty well controlled.


Finally!!!! Now I Can Stop Shopping For Miracle Products!!! By Aimee L.

Let me start by saying that I have a closet full of over twenty half-used products claiming to be the "miracle solution" for my curly, frizzy hair. I was skeptical when I first heard about ProfilePRO, but when my friend (who is a devout user of the product) convinced me to try it, I was blown away!!!! I love the entire hair care system. The shampoo isn't heavy and leaves my hair feeling so wonderfully clean. I've always had a really tough time finding the perfect shampoo for my hair because other products would either weigh it down and my hair would look greasy, or the shampoo was too abrasive and stripped my hair of all natural oils and shine. The ProfilePRO conditioner feels luxurious in your hair and just like the shampoo, it smells wonderful (I have fallen in love with ProfilePRO's exclusive Coconut scent). I can’t believe what a difference both of these products have made in the appearance and health of my hair! I've even received compliments! My family and friends are constantly astonished at how quickly my hair is growing and how healthy it looks. I tried ProfilePRO, convinced that I was going to add it to my endless collection of failed products, but now I can't imagine my daily beauty routine without it! ProfilePRO, PLEASE keep making more products!


The best money I’ve ever spent on my hair! Between bad dye job decisions, over- styling, and climate changes, this product has saved my life (hair!) and just in time for my upcoming wedding! I have thin hair and ProfilePRO thickened it after ONE use! My hair is curly naturally, but I love to straighten it and this usually requires a lot of product and time. After a week of ProfilePRO use, I was able to just wash and blowdry my hair straight or leave it to air dry to my natural curls, without having to use any additional product! I don't usually recommend products, but I love this shampoo and conditioner so much that I am planning to give it to all of my bridesmaids! Between the cute bottles, the amazing scents (coconut is my fave), the amount of time that I've gained, and the money I've saved, I couldn’t be happier with anything else!!!! Thank you for finally coming up with a product just for my crazy hair!!!!

The BEST Product For My Hair, By Alexandra S.

After years of coloring and styling my hair, I was desperate for a shampoo and conditioner combo that would restore it back to health. After using ProfilePRO just a few times I could tell the difference - my hair was softer, bouncier, shinier, and it even held styling better! I've tried two different scents now and love them both! I am a total ProfilePRO convert, and I can't imagine using any other product. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

One Of A Kind Product, By Virginia C.

This shampoo and conditioner not only makes my hair feel great, but smell amazing too! I have naturally straight, thick, blonde hair and this product works perfectly with my specific hair needs!

Best Product Ever!! By Louisa N.

This is the most amazing shampoo I’ve ever used! My hair has never looked, felt or smelled better!

Finally! A Shampoo And Conditioner That Work! By Vicki

I've always had hard to control hair - the smallest bit of humidity would pop out the frizz. NO MORE! With ProfilePRO, I made it through an entire summer without frizz. My hair is so easy to control now. Highly recommend. I’ve never written a review before but had to share! I tried the coconut scent. I’m going to give the Jasmine scent a try, too. What fun to switch scents!

Love It! By Katroadrcr

I’ve been using this product for about three months and I love it! I have grey hair that is colored and bleached, and this is the first time it hasn't looked frizzy or damaged, in years! Very happy!!

Curls For Days! By BB

My curls were shiny and smooth and I didn't even use a hair dryer! Not to mention, the delicious coconut scent got me major compliments!

5 Stars! By Linzii

I love this product! The customized formula works great with my hair and it smells amazing!!

Love Your Shampoo, By Amy L.

I love my shampoo and conditioner. I have recommended your website to family and friends. It’s a great product. My product came in a timely manner. I love my name on the bottle. I wish you great success. It’s a wonderful idea.

Love Coconut! By Kelly H.

Coconut is my favorite scent and reminds me of summer! I love how this customized formula is just for me and makes my hair feel and look great every day!

My Daughter Loves It! By Dmc5cent

I bought this for my ten year old daughter, as she needed to go from kiddie shampoo to the real deal. She loved that her name was on the bottle and her little sister "couldn't" use it. Next she loved the citrus smell. And, she loved how smooth and shiny her hair looked! No tangles! I think we have found the perfect match for her thick, wavy blonde hair. We’ll be coming back for more.

New Hair, By NoahsMom1211

It’s like having new hair at 38 years old. I love how it makes my hair so smooth and soft. The Jasmine scent is the best!

Got My Hair Back!! By Jenn S.

After a summer of swimming and sun, my hair needed some major help! I used ProfilePRO for just a few weeks and it looked good again! The sheen and shine are back! I've been using coconut scent and can't wait to try Lavender next.

Love! By Kate T.

Great product and I highly recommend it!

Great Product, By Morgan S.

This shampoo and conditioner are very effective. I like how it compliments my hair and how you can really see a difference after just one use.

Love It!!! By Meghan M.

ProfilePRO makes my fine hair smell amazing and feel so super healthy, look shiny, and full of body! I used to need a detangler or leave- in- conditioner, but ProfilePRO leaves my hair easily combed right out of the shower. This product does not disappoint! Totally worth it!

Love This Shampoo!! By Kathy S.

I love this shampoo and conditioner in the Jasmine scent! I have frizzy hair and these products really tame my hair! I was using another “well known” salon shampoo in the area, but now feel that my ProfilePRO formula performs much better! Thanks! I love the Jasmine scent too!!

Excellent, By Louise F.

Leaves hair shiny, soft, and smells delightful.

Hair Like Silk, By Daisy's mom

Love this customized just for me product. After using the shampoo/conditioner, my hair has so much shine and feels silky too. Thanks so much ProfilePRO!

Smells Amazing! By Mary O.

I loved my personalized scent! My hair held the smell even after styling!!!!!

Finally A Product That Works! By Joy F.

Let me start by saying I've never written a product review until now. I've never loved a product enough to justify the time to write one. After many attempts to tame my dry, over-processed, frizzy, curly hair, I finally decided to invest in a product made just for me. It was an investment, but I finally decided that over-the-counter products just weren’t cutting it. ProfilePRO is worth every penny. A little product goes a long way - I've had the product over a month and it's still about half full. For the first time ever I have soft curls without frizz!!! “Soft” and “no frizz” are terms I've never been able to use to describe my hair. So very exciting. I even think my highlights are lasting longer!! Thank you for coming up with this customized option that finally works just for me!!!


What an incredible value. I cant believe how many great features are packed into one bottle. Great shampoo! I love my name on the bottle so my roommates don't "borrow" my shampoo again! I will never go back to salon shampoo or conditoner again!

Life Changing! By Ru

I have struggled with thin hair my entire life. This is the first product that gives my hair true body and fullness without even having to tease my roots. I love the botanical, fresh scent. Love, Love, Love this product!!

Great! By Penny L.

My hair has never looked better. I like how my hair is squeaky clean and how smooth the conditioner makes my hair feel. I do have to put my head under the shower right before applying the shampoo to get a rich lather. I'm completely satisfied. Also, I like the pink logo instead of the red. I’d like to see some improvement in the packaging. It ships well - I just want it to be cuter! :)

Love This!!! By Anita M.

Great product! Loved the personalization and the coconut scent!

Great Results! By Carolynn L.

I loved being able to customize and pick my own scent! My hair felt terrific after using. I particularly liked the conditioner.

Obsessed. In love. Winner. By Eleni M.

Since I started using my personalized formula, my hair is behaving AND I can go at least 3 days between washes - freedom! I chose coconut scent and it’s incredible and lasting. My hair is thick, wavy, long and prone to dryness, and this product has hooked me up with better hair days that are long-lasting as a result of way less product in my hair.

Heaven, By Courtney K.

This product is amazing ! My hair is naturally thin and dry, but this product has seriously been a life-saver. My hair has never been this soft and my scalp is less dry. Truly amazing!


This is the first shampoo and conditioner that has really worked for my hair. It leaves my hair feeling so soft. The best part is it helps tame my frizzy curls! I love the Jasmine scent. All of my friends keep telling me how incredible my hair smells!

This Transformed My Hair! By Naomi C.

I have always had thick, frizzy hair that’s hard to manage, so I decided to give ProfilePRO a try. I'm happy that I did! It makes my hair smooth, silky, and gives it great volume! The scent is literally heaven in a bottle (I use Coconut). It tames my frizz and I can really tell that it’s made for my hair. I will never be without this EVER!